Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Picture Of The Vaginia Bumps On My Vaginia? Please Answer I Am Really Freaked Out....?

Bumps on my vaginia? Please answer I am really freaked out....? - picture of the vaginia

Ok, I know this is so stupid ... ok, so about a year or two ago I discovered some holes in my VJ on my clitoris. Well, I do not really believe what intill last year when it began to rise ... I skipped my period of three months after they started to rise. They are colored flesh and verybig small balls not hard, and I'm sure there are genital warts. Yes, I am a child sexually active, but still a virgin. Basically, now cover much of my VJ, but most of them are really small, like the end of a needle. If I have my period, which complicate the itching and I especially towards the end they tend, then a severe skin rash? I also have a fishy odor "down there" so Idk even an insultA ND will not be able to go the Docter for a moment, then yes ... Please help I've searched on Google and Notting seems to correspond to images and descriptions.

Please help, I'm afraid I will not die young, an illness, so please, what is the ??!?!?!!?!?! have

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